BMW Diagnostic Tools: ICOM NEXT A vs ICOM Nano

BMW Diagnostic Tools

  • BMW ICOM NEXT A(Genuine BMW)
  • BMW ICOM Nano(Genuine BMW)
  • VXDiag

Here you can see more details about these BMW diagnostic tools.

  1. BMW ICOM Nano(Genuine BMW)

bmw diagnostic tools for ICOM Nano scaled

BMW ICOM NANO is the new diagnostic unit for BMW. It’s wireless. Very small in size.
Support E series with INPA, F series, and G series diagnostic with E-sys.


  • Can’t connect to a hotspot like ICOM NEXT
  • Just available alone on a separate Wifi
  • NcsExpert is not connected
  • only for diagnosing, it risky for programming
  • F series is Only available for body coding.

After all, there was a reason why ICOM NEXT was expensive.

  1. BMW ICOM Next A(Genuine BMW)

for Icom Next A

ICOM Next A Benefits:

  • Wireless diagnosis connection
  • Ease of use in a shop with multiple active connections
  • Self-hosted DHCP server for ethernet programming
  • Genuine BMW and safe programming tool

For those with the VCX DoIP:

  • No need for a DHCP server or router, it’s built-in.
  • WiFi, LAN, USB, Type C to USB, DoNET remote multiple connection ways
  • Firmware update is available via VXManager.
  • For connection with ISTA-P, you need to download the BMW ptt driver from VXDiag, start the Pass-Thru app in VXManager and emulate by loading dll. Make sure its set to SAEJ2534
  • For connection with ISTA-D, you need to set connect via ICOM/ethernet local network in ista settings.
  • If your license is valid you can also use cloud software
  • – For connection E-sys sometimes ZGW is not detected on first try, select connect via icom/ethernet tcp://:50160 than close connection. Now ZGW is available and connection can be made via vin or gateway URL.

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