BMW Coding Software and Tools Summary

bmw coding tools and software

Here we summarized the software and tools for BMW coding.

Lenovo Notebook (F&G Series)

  • E-Sys (All versions)
  • E-Sys Launcher Pro
  • Bimmer Utility
  • Dr. Gini
  • NCD CAFD Tool
  • FSC Generator
  • BMW AiCoder
  • FemtoEvo

Lenovo Notebook (E Series)

  • INPA
  • NCS Expert
  • ToolSet 32
  • Coding Tool
  • NCS Dummy
  • BMW Scanner 1.4.0

Power Supply

  • CTEK MXS25
  • GysFlash 100.12

Cables & Interfaces for BMW Coding

USB Sticks & Memory

  • 2GB USB stick for fast 1B file reading
  • 32GB USB stick (10+ for navigation maps)
  • 1TB HDD for SP-DATEN and PSDZ data files
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