BMW ISTA+: set up for BMW F/I/G Series Programming

How to set up BMW F/I/G Series Programming in it?

Problem: I had an error when programming BMW F32 in ISTA-P 4.19.13 Expert Mode.

Error: Vehicle programming with ISTA-P is no longer approved for the connected vehicle.

Vehicle management is now only possible with ISTA 4.

The version before ISTA 4 was called ISTA-D(aka Rheingold). It would cover diagnosis on all cars. The version beginning from version 4 is called ISTA+.


The error indicates that BMW F/I/G series programming is unavailable in ISTA-P(since V4.19XX), but in ISTA+ instead. Starting from version 4, besides diagnosis also covers the programming of the F series, and ISTA-P is left for programming of the E series only(therefore ISTA-P can not program the F series anymore.)

Here are the tips for programming setup in ISTA+(Rheingold or ISTA-D).

  • Run ISTA+ software, identify the vehicle
  • Then choose Service Planbmw ista+
  • Choose Programming Planbmw ista+
  • Then Execute the measures planbmw ista+
  • Follow ISTA prompts to carry out programmingbmw ista+

You can find more updated version registration links here. Connection tools required: Enet cable.

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