Any Harm to the Car by Pressing the Electronic Parking in the BMW D Gear

Any harm to the car by pressing the electronic parking in the BMW D gear?Any harm to the car by pressing the electronic parking in the BMW D gear?

A BMW X3 owner said that I often wait for the traffic light to stop by stepping on the brake, then pressing the electronic parking button, and then releasing the foot brake. At this time, the gear is still D, and I just step on the accelerator after the green light and leave. Will this operation hurt the car? Some people say this is not good.

Let me make a point first: It doesn’t hurt, so use it if it is comfortable.

First of all, the BMW car itself has such a design, that is, when the engine is started, the gear is in D gear, and the driver has fastened the seat belt and closed the door, stepping on the accelerator can automatically release the electronic parking, which means D gear It is possible to use electronic parking.

Secondly, the electronic parking function itself also has an emergency braking function, which can be used even at high speeds. Just pull up the electronic parking button and hold it for more than 2 seconds. At this time, the DSC system will intervene, and the ABS pump will perform emergency hydraulic braking on the four tires, which can greatly shorten the time required for deceleration. Once you release the electronic parking, The vehicle will return to its original state.

Although we call it an “emergency braking function”, you can actually use it at any speed (of course, I am not asking you to use it casually). This is enough to show that using electronic parking in D gear is safe and harmless to the vehicle.Any harm to the car by pressing the electronic parking in the BMW D gear?

Third, some people worry that operating as the owner said at the beginning will cause damage to the gearbox. How to say this, the operation of “press electronic parking in D gear” will not cause damage to the gearbox. What affects the gearbox is that the vehicle is stationary in D gear for too long, which may lead to a high temperature of the gearbox. Therefore, in theory, it is better to hang N gear. However, some people find it troublesome and can be treated on different levels: the traffic light within 15 seconds can be ignored; it can be hung up in 15-30 seconds, and it depends on personal habits and car love; if it is more than 30 seconds, it is recommended to hang up. It’s an N file.

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